Best English Red Wines for 2020

Summers bring not just the heat but also the urge to delve into the wondrous red creations. English wine is making the hearts to pound with excitement for an impending season of fun and delight. As more people are exploring this magical side to the wine of the English soil, the popularity is increasing by every passing season. Although white and sparkling wines have taken over the top position with their unique flavour, red wine is still being produced to satisfy their loyal admirers. However, it depends on the year’s produce on the fields; when there is a dearth for ripe yield, red wine production gets reduced significantly.

Most of the red wine being sold today reach the stores directly from the producers. The famous pinot noir grape is a popular fruit for producing some of the finest red wine products in the world. You can always have a taste of the refreshing wines without many strong elements to it. Here is a list of the best English wines that can create a calm atmosphere for you this summer.

1.  Hush Heath Pinot Noir 2017

Hush Heath Pinot Noir 2017

Everything that you wished for from the cool-climate pinot noir comes in this bottle worth £25. A display of leather, some spicy pepper, and the juices of raspberries and cherries is what you can expect from this divine drink. Hush Heath Pinot Noir is quite light for red wine and has smooth tannins that make it an easy drink and versatile for every food pairing. As the summer comes, try it out with barbecue, and keep it for the autumn meal of tomato and chorizo pasta. A sparkling pinot noir is also available in the market, and you should not find any reason to open it later because it doesn’t become more flavourful with age.

2.  Litmus Red Pinot 2014

If you need more complexity with the taste, you will have to spend more. But what you get in return is worth every penny you spend on it. The juicy wine has a 100 per cent pinot noir that has been aged for 17 months in the oak barrels of French vineyards. Since it is made only in those best years of temperamental climate, you can find no more than a thousand bottles in a few years. It can age if you keep it longer, but no one can resist the elegance it exudes. You can buy this for its impressive finish, and you get it at £33.5.

3.  Sixteen Ridges 2016

Sixteen Ridges 2016

Growing some delicious grapes on our home fields for wine production puts a whole different emotion within that bottle, making it an irresistible product to get hold of. Taste the punch of an earthy smokiness and the burst of raspberries and ripe cherries with every drop of the Sixteen Ridges. This red wine with its limited production bagged the silver Decanter 2017 World Wine Award. You can pair it with mushroom risotto for one of the best experiences. Buy it at £25, and keep it for every special occasion that comes your way this year.

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