Healthy Fitness Food Choices at a Bar and Restaurant From A Personal Trainer


Whether you just don’t have time to cook, or you are meeting friends and family we all eat out at bars and restaurants from time to time. If you are following a healthy fitness plan, it can be hard to know what to eat that won’t blow all your hard work out of the water in one sitting. Unfortunately, over the years portion sizes have somewhat ballooned when we’re eating out, and whether it’s because we’re chatting, distracted, or just because we’re enjoying the food, we tend to finish our plates. This means that even meals labelled low calorie can be dishing up way too much food for one sitting. So, what can you do to make sure you have healthy food choices at a bar and restaurant? Today East London personal trainers Right Path Fitness give there suggestions below.


Make the Sensible Choice


Depending on where you’re eating, there will be limited things available making it harder to stick to fitness food, however, if you’re eating at a fast-food restaurant look for grilled fish or chick in and salad rather than anything that has been deep-fried. At a Mexican restaurant look for grilled meats and vegetables filled burritos or fajitas and try not to go for the high cheese options, the fried options, or the snacks like tortilla chips and salsa. You also need to think mindfully about what you are drinking; alcohol is highly calorific, and even soft drinks like coffee can be bad for your healthy food choices. A 20-ounce latte, for example, contains 340 calories whereas an 8-ounce coffee with milk is only 11 calories. Ask for a jug of water for the table and try to have the amount you would normally drink in alcohol by having a glass of water between each alcoholic drink.


Ask for Alternatives


Meals that are loaded with extras such as fries and onion rings, can usually be substituted for something like salad and vegetables. Where possible opt for brown rice or whole-grain bread and produce over white refined rice and bread. Tomato-based dishes and sauces tend to be lower in fat and calories than those that start with a cream base. So, for example, spaghetti carbonara has a creamy base whereas spaghetti Bolognese has a tomato base and would be the better option.


Avoid Psychology


Many people fall into the trap of believing psychology like you should starve yourself before you go out for a big meal, so you don’t eat for the whole day. But this is going to result in you eating more of foods that you do not fully know the calorie count of. You’re better off sticking to your healthy eating plan throughout the day so that you’re not starving when you go out. Also, don’t kid yourself that you have to avoid desserts. There are lower-calorie options on most menus, you can find things like fresh fruit salads, and fruits or Bay which will satisfy the sweet tooth and not leave you feeling like you have missed out.


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