The Top 4 Restaurants in the UK

Savouring the flavours of the best cuisines is what every foodie will look forward to when visiting a country. The tangy and spicy dishes conquer the hearts of every connoisseur to the last bit of their taste buds, and the condiments linger in their palate to drive them back to these restaurants. The UK features some of the best cuisines that are worth trying for the colours it imparts to your content smile after the meal. For any visitor, selecting from this wide array of options could be quite hard. Here is a compilation of the top ten restaurants in the UK that you must visit when strolling through the cities.

1.  Silk Road, London SE5

One of the favourites of the South London inhabitants and a heavenly escape into tastes, the Silk Road should undoubtedly be on top of this list. Unlike the other Chinese restaurants in the country, Silk Road features the Xinjiang style of cooking and many other unique qualities. A portion of the lamb skewers is the mandatory dish when you are at Silk Road. The delectable Asian spices that smother the lamb make it a whole new universe of flavours to implode into. What everyone admires about this place is the fine balance they maintain with the fusion of flavours. Not a dish on the menu is of a lower quality than what it is worth; the dumplings are also a must-try. Spending 20 pounds can get your tummy full, and the minimalistic ambience brims your heart with joy too.

2.  Inver, Strathlachan, Argyll

Hop into your car and drive a few hours to the west coast of Scotland to experience the explosion of flavours on your palate. The beautiful location is only a few miles away from Glasgow. Theatrics is not a part of this restaurant; so, if you are looking for that feature, it would be a disappointment. There is nothing over the top about this restaurant; all you find here is serenity and magnificence. You can go ahead with the casual lunch and stay for the fantastic dinner that can offer you a night of spicy and sweet dreams. The langoustine dish with carrot and seaweed ice-cream with caviar are two items on the menu that can make you fall in love with food all over again. Running such a restaurant in the remote area is quite a challenge, but it remains successful with hundreds of happy customers giving out great reviews.

The Dawnay Arms

3.  The Dawnay Arms, Newton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire

Getting that perfect Sunday roast with fine dining may not always work to put a smile on your face. But the Dawnay Arms has been offering some great roast in the weekend, which is filled with a variety of splendid flavours. Everything about this restaurant is incredible, and the money you get charged for what you enjoy would surely be much less than you can imagine.

4.  Black Radish, London SW19

The passionate cooking style brings about some magic onto your plate in the form of delicious delicacies. You will have nothing to grouse about in here as the space is perfectly pleasant with amazing décor sided by the enticing aroma.

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